View Full Version : Turning Off Visualizer Screensaver?

2006-09-24, 18:15
Hi there,

I just got me a Squeezebox and was playing around with the Visualizer Plugins. How can I turn them off again with the remote?

To activate it there is that circle that becomes filled with a dot when you push the right button on the remote. If i push right again the dot should disappear and the screensaver should be deactivated I guess, but it doesn't work.
Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug??? I'm using the latest server software and firmware.


2006-09-24, 19:58
Instead of pushing right on the active screensaver, you need to scroll to "none" and push right on that.

2006-09-25, 04:15
Hey aubuti,

thanks for the info! It me took quite a while to find the "none" option under the settings menu. So far I was just looking for it at Plugins and as the Date/Time Screensaver there can be turned on and off with multiple right pushes I thought the Visualizer work the same...