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Michel Fombellida
2006-09-23, 01:14

I have a problem with 6.5.0 (9916) on XP SP2 and multidisc set.

All my music is tagged with Tag&Rename (FLAC only).

If I select "Treat multi-disc set as multiple albums", I end up with 1 single disc containing all the tracks and the disc is named as the last disc in the set: for example if the set contains 2 discs named "xxx" with a total of 10 tracks (tags for track number goes from 1 to 10), slimserver shows 1 single disc named "xxx (Disc 2 of 2)" and this single disc contains all the songs (numbered from 1-1 to 2-10). No trace of "Disc 1 of 2".

If I select "Treat multi-disc set as a single album", I end up with multiple albums with the same name: using the same example as above I end up with 2 discs, both are named "xxx", one of them contains the first disc and the songs are numbered as 1 to 5 (not 1-1 to 1-5), the other one contains the second disc and the songs are numbered 2-6 to 2-10.

So, not only the behaviour is reversed as compared to what was selected in slimserver but the result is not even totally correct.

Anybody else noticed that? Should I open a bug report or is it already known?


2006-09-23, 02:50
Hi Michel,

I upgraded to 6.5.0 (9916 on Win 2000) last night from 6.3.1

I'm seeing similar behaviour, but am still testing to track the precise symptoms down.

With server setting for Group Discs "Treat Multi-disc sets as multiple albums" - I see the same behaviour as you for albums with the "Discnumber" tag set, but no "Discc" tag (first album displays trackno. on SB display, subsequent albums display discno.-trackno.). On multi disc sets that have the "Discc" tag present the display is as I would have expected. On 6.3.1 I didn't need to use the "Discc" tag so most of my multi-disc albums are missing it.

My albums are flac tagged with MP3TAG. I'm also using MusicMagic.

I'm going to switch the server setting and rescan and I'll report back.


2006-09-23, 04:58
OK - this got really confusing - I was seeing correct and incorrect behaviour from both settings. To try and bottom this out I set up a test system (6.5 on XP without Music Magic) which would rescan a small set of albums quickly.

Essentially what I've found (and it seems to be repeatable behaviour with the test system) is that after you change the "Group Discs" setting you must independently trigger a full clear and rescan twice (each time allow the scan to complete). If you do this the number of discs shown with multi-disk albums is OK using the "Discnumber" tag alone. However the "Discc" tag needs to be present when you elect to "treat multi-disc sets as multiple albums" and you want a correct display of track number (1-n) in the first disc and to see "(Disc n of nn)" displayed along with the album name.

Hope this helps


Michel Fombellida
2006-09-23, 08:10
Thanks Chris,

I just did one "Clear library and rescan everything" and now it is correct with "Treat multi-disc set as a single album"! So I guess it was due to some leftover from 6.3.1 after the upgrade.


2006-09-23, 09:16
I don't think this is a hangover - I completely deleted my SS 6.3 before installing 6.5; and the behaviour in my test system is absolutely consistent.


Dan Sully
2006-09-25, 08:04
Can you please file a bug on http://bugs.slimdevices.com/

with example files and your configuration?


Kim Kruse
2006-10-07, 15:12

I have realised the same problem - multi disk albu are treated as separate album, even with "Treat multi-disc set as multiple albums" set. Before v. 6.5 the multi discs was handled correctly.

I have logged the problem under bug 4323