View Full Version : How do I get Windows Firewall to allow connection to the SB?

2006-09-22, 19:19
This seems like a dumb question as I've had the SB2 since it came out an never had this problem but I'm at a loss.

I have my computer and the SB connected via a wireless router. However, I can't get Slimserver to find the SB without turning off the widows XP firewall.

I never had this issue before as it asked for the exception when I first hooked up the SB ages ago. However, I recently had to reset my firewall to defaults and now it won't even give me that option (and I have it checked to allow exceptions and notify me when there is a blocked connection).

Maybe I'm just forgetting something that I did ages ago...Anyways, can anyone help?


2006-09-22, 20:48
Allow these 3 ports:

TCP 3483, UDP 3483, TCP 9000