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2003-12-06, 16:53

I just wanted to drop a note that we shipped some Squeezebox units to
MacForce, a reseller based in Portland OR. You can find more about MacForce
at http://www.macforce.com.



Patrick Cosson
415-359-7407 cell
413-638-5248 efax

Graham Ridgway at home
2003-12-07, 05:24
I cannot get one of my slimp3s to work.

There is no display until it is power-cycled. I can then either start it or
go through the setup and when it gets to the end it goes blank again. I
can't ping it and it doesn't appear listed in the web I/F. It has

Being a newer player it has a diff version of formware from my others (being
2.2 and them being 2). However, it has been working ok (apart from a wonky
'p' in the display). The server is on Slackware and is version 4.1b1.

I have manually stopped and re-started the slimp3 process to no avail.


PS I would rather not go for a wholescale upgrade to latest versions of
server and firmware as I am a bit of a (read complete) Linux dummy and I
need to "gird my loins" (that's an English expression and may not work in
the US!) before attempting such a task!

Graham Ridgway at home
2003-12-07, 13:03
Fixed now...one helpful child had unplugged the wireless base-station, so
nothing to do with the slimpy at all!
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> I cannot get one of my slimp3s to work.