View Full Version : Umm, where's Pandora?

2006-09-22, 11:45

I might be missing something dead obvious, but after upgrading to SS 6.5 (totally painlessly btw) Pandora does not appear in SqueezeNetwork or on my SqueezeBox.

Any Ideas?

(Big kudos to the SlimServer developer community!)

2006-09-22, 12:59
Pandora is the 4th menu item on SqueezeNetwork.

2006-09-23, 08:45
Nope, it definitely wasn't there at the time of writing...

But now it's there (??!!)

My SB has been behaving very erratically since upgrading.

E.g. Won't power up when using the remote but will then come to life randomly.

Long track (Kraftwerk - Autobahn 21 mins) didn't quite make it to the end - some kind of time out message.

Hopefully it'll settle down...

Thanks for your reply...