View Full Version : Using a network drive with Windows Slimserver 6.5

2006-09-22, 01:02
Is there a reason why you can't use a mapped network drive as the location for the music collection? I was trying to compare the speed of the web interface between my QNAP and Windows Slimserver 6.5. However, the server settings won't accept a mapped network drive.

2006-09-22, 02:00
More threads on this topic than you can count! Try this FAQ



2006-09-22, 04:08

Apologise for not doing a search.

I did try the UNC path as well using the IP address and got the same sort of error. Does anyone know if the scan directory should or should not have a trailing "\"?

From what I am reading it should be possible but just a bit tricky. I giive it a go tonight.

Manyn thanks

2006-09-22, 06:52
Last night I was going to do the same kind of comparison between slimserver running on my NAS (LinkStation) and slimserver running on Windows, accessing the music library on the NAS. I'm pretty sure what tripped me up is captured in the last, bolded, sentence in the FAQ: "...the network share must not require authentication (a username or password)." So far I don't care enough about the comparison to bother changing my Samba configuration to unsecure the share.

Re the trailing backslash, I don't think it matters, but the example in the FAQ uses one so that's where I would start.

2006-09-22, 14:49
Okay got it working. Had to use an old trick which is to create a local account to match the account on the NAS. Use the same password on both and then channge the service account to use the local account.

Windows will pass the account and password to the NAS and as they match it ignores the fact they are from different domains.

Anyway using UNC path then works fine even to a "restricted" share

2006-09-22, 15:07
Good to hear that that approach works in this case, too.