View Full Version : 6.5.0 and Plugins advice

2006-09-22, 00:07
Hi All,

Like many others I upgraded 6.3.1 to 6.5.0. First congrats to slimdevices on a great number of fixes and improvements.

Initially 6.5.0 would not run even after a clean install. But the error seemed to involved a plug in (the folder is kept even after a clean install unless you specifically delete it).

After cleaning everything out and installing as a service it works fine as a basic install.

Trouble is I usually use
LastFM plugin
itunes updater

My understanding is that these needed to be used with slimserver "not as a service" - does this apply to 6.5.0. Further are these plugins all available for 6.5.0. - and have people got them working successfully

thanks for your help


2006-09-22, 00:11
I have been using all these plugins barring the iTunes one on 6.5 for quite a while now with no problems. Go to the plugins page on the SlimDevices web site and download and install the 6.5 version of the plugins. There are no concerns about running as a service.