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2006-09-21, 12:47

after my Update from SS 6.3.1 to SS 6.5 i miss the "browse by cover" link in the startmenu ;-( when i browse by album and select one, the cover is displayed OK. I rescanned my library many times, everything else is fine ...
I tried the "Default", "Fishbone," and "Moser" skin. Always the same.

Has anybody the same problem ? Any ideas ?


2006-09-21, 12:59
It's not a problem, it's a feature. Now when you browse albums there's an icon near the top (I can't remember if it's top left or right) that toggles between list view and artwork view. And the really nice thing is that you now have a choice of sort order, which you choose from a dropdown menu. For example, a lot of us find sorting by artist more useful than by album title.

2006-09-21, 12:59
> after my Update from SS 6.3.1 to SS 6.5 i miss the "browse by cover"

Use browse by album: you can switch between artwork or list view.



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2006-09-21, 13:00
The functionality is still there, it's just been moved. Browse by albums, then click on the little icon to the right of the Sort By selector.

2006-09-21, 13:01
Quoting Phiddel <Phiddel.2ei2tb1158868201 (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com>:

> Has anybody the same problem ? Any ideas ?

From the changelog included with the download and posted here:

Album listings can switch between list and gallery view. A cookie
stores last selected option."

Take a look at Browse Albums. I'm confident that you can probably sort
out what to do.

2006-09-21, 13:32
Thanks for your help !!!!
I just did not see this new button :-)