View Full Version : Install Slimserver on Xbox

2006-09-21, 09:26
Anyone success to install slimdevices on Xbox? I want to replace the hardisk on xbox to 300GB and want to use it as music server. I know I can install linux on the hardisk. I want to know the setup procedures. Anyone could help?

2006-09-21, 13:01
I'm pretty sure that someone (Robin Bowes and maybe some others?) have done this. If I recall correctly it did involve some soldering. Search the forums on "Xbox" and "NAS" and I'm sure you'll find something.

2006-09-21, 19:01
Need soldering skill? Oh, my one is already modfied with support media file such as mpg and rmvb. I hope it will not need any soldering more. I will the old thread to know it more.

Thank you!