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Richard O'Callaghan
2003-12-06, 13:01

I have bluetooth on the palm obviously, and I have bluetooth on another PC.
From the palm, I establish a bluetooth connection to the PC, and use its
connection sharing, to browse the LAN - hence to the slimserver. I found a
tutorial which works pretty well - It had me up and running in 5 mins:




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How exactly are you connecting to your server with Bluetooth? I have
the same options with a Palm Tungsten C and T3. The C connects pretty
quickly, but the T3 is my primary Palm now... I just don't know how I
would connect to my server without a bluetooth to GPRS connection which
is much slower than my local wifi.

On Dec 6, 2003, at 2:26 PM, Richard O'Callaghan wrote:

> Hey all,
> I'm trying to find out what the best PDA setup is, in order to control
> multiple squeezeboxes via the 'handheld' web interface on the
> slimserver.
> At the moment, I'm testing a Palm M505 with Bluetooth card, connecting
> back
> to a PC with Bluetooth, and thus allowing me to browse the network to
> the
> Slimserver.
> It works fine, but there is a delay from when I switch on the palm,
> and then
> re-establish the Bluetooth connection (5-10 sec), and then browse.
> Can anyone recommend an optimum setup. Will a WIFI PDA make a big
> difference? - I know the data transfer will be faster, but will the
> reconnection time be faster?
> What about Pocket PC vs Palm for this function - especially with
> regard to
> battery life. The last thing I want is a remote that I have to charge
> after
> an hours use! (This is also why I would like to have the PDA switch off
> after a period of inactivity to avoid battery drain - but then the
> connection is lost!!)
> Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. I think this topic could
> be of
> great interest to anyone who is trying to develop a whole-house system.
> Thanks,
> Richard