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Richard O'Callaghan
2003-12-06, 12:56

How is the WIFI re-connection speed on the Pocket PC? - When you switch it
on, is there a time lag until you can browse the network, or does the WIFI
become available almost instantly. I find the Palm fine, except the time
lag to re-connect to the other bluetooth device is at least 5-10 seconds,
which is quite long to be waiting before your 'remote control' becomes

Also, what sort of battery life would you expect, on average use as a remote
control - I'd imagine WIFI is quite a drain on the batteries.

Pocket PC with WIFI is looking good from what you are saying.


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I'm running an iPaq 3970 with a CF wifi card and I would definately
recommend wifi over bluetooth.

In terms of PocketPC vs Palm thats an infinite debate.

I prefer the PocketPC, however I bought my iPaq soley as an organiser /
mobile PC rather than as a dedicated universal remote / controller. It's
just a mega bonus that I can now control my slimp3 server from it.

If you're after a controller device which simply has wifi and a browser,
then I'd go for the Palm (cheapest possible). I see no benefits of spending
more money unless you want a proper PDA with all the trimmings (ie GPS
plugins, DivX video, etc etc). On the other hand if money is no option the
latest iPaq (5450 I think) should fit the bill nicely (built in wifi AND
bluetooth), nice screen etc.etc


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Subject: [slim] PDA as a remote using bluetooth or wifi

Hey all,

I'm trying to find out what the best PDA setup is, in order to control
multiple squeezeboxes via the 'handheld' web interface on the slimserver.

At the moment, I'm testing a Palm M505 with Bluetooth card, connecting back
to a PC with Bluetooth, and thus allowing me to browse the network to the

It works fine, but there is a delay from when I switch on the palm, and then
re-establish the Bluetooth connection (5-10 sec), and then browse.

Can anyone recommend an optimum setup. Will a WIFI PDA make a big
difference? - I know the data transfer will be faster, but will the
reconnection time be faster?

What about Pocket PC vs Palm for this function - especially with regard to
battery life. The last thing I want is a remote that I have to charge after
an hours use! (This is also why I would like to have the PDA switch off
after a period of inactivity to avoid battery drain - but then the
connection is lost!!)

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. I think this topic could be of
great interest to anyone who is trying to develop a whole-house system.