View Full Version : Saving configuration - which files to backup

2006-09-21, 03:43
I want to upgrade my 6.5b3 to 6.5 full. I want to make sure that I dont have to go through resetting up any of my config or reinstalling AlienBBC.
Am I right to think that the only files I need to keep copies of are:


This on Windows.

2006-09-21, 13:55
MC ... the very question I was hoping someone would answer. Having upgraded once and promptly lost all my hard-won configurations, I am b*****ed if I am about to do it again. (Why waste good time if one does not have to?)

Either, it would be good to know which files one must keep - or, surely simpler - these files should be written to a separate directory on install
(e.g \\...\slimprefs\
rather than to


2006-09-21, 14:02
I have to agree that they should be simply saved, or not overwritten. However this is not the case and as per usual, this is probably due to the cross platform nature of SlimServer.
I know that I have seen posts about this before but I can't seem to find them. The Wiki does not appear to have any info about it I can find either.
At least you only have your config files to deal with. Since upgrading to the full 6.5 I have no sound!