View Full Version : Can`t connect after upgrade

2006-09-21, 03:32
Hi Guys,

after upgrading from 6,31 to 6.5 (incl. firmware) internet radio on both of my SB 3 is not working. Even connecting directly via squeeze network. What is more a problem for me is the fact that i`m not able to scan my mp3`s. Slimserver stops while searching the folders and i have to manually restart.

SLimserver 6.5 is running on XP with no firewall (at the moment). I made a clean install after uninstalling 6.3 with all plugins.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Greetings from Germany


2006-09-21, 12:35
Downgrading to 6.31 fixes all my problems. It seems the SB itself is not able to connect live365 streams. It there anything i have to do in terms of port forwarding at my router ? ̴m using a Draytek 2900 VG.

Thanks in advance

2006-09-21, 13:31
installed 6.5 over 6.3 and only one of my 3 SB's will connect and I get a lot of funny messages on the playlist side of the server web page. I uninstalled 6.5, rebooted and did a new install without any change.

About to try downgrading to 6.3 to see if it works for me.


2006-09-23, 07:13
back working w/all 3 SB's now that I went back to 6.3.

2006-12-11, 07:59
factory reset of the SBs fixed it for me with 6.5.