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Matt Shaw
2003-12-06, 12:05
I only wish I knew. This time round I didn't uninstalled 5.0 when going
over to 5.01 - whether that had an affect or not I don't know.

My shared network drive I unshared and reshared and then every worked.
5.01 did take a long time to first see the file structure. Then it was
sluggish to find a song.... It then delayed in playing the song (a good
few minutes). Then suddenly everything went OK and now I have no
problems browsing music or playing it. (currently looking at 7,000

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Quoting Matt Shaw <Yahoo (AT) chercott (DOT) com>:

> Ignore this... Finally got all sorted - and on 5.01.

Maybe you'd care to share the details to avoid some other user the
you obviously experienced trying to make it work.

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