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2006-09-20, 12:39
My Squeezebox (V1) only seems to play stereo 44.1Khz wav files properly. 32Khz stereo wav sounds like Chipmunks singing (44.1/32.0 too fast?) and 44.1Khz mono wav files are also played too fast (2x ?). I've read in another thread here that 48Khz wav are played too slow.

Is this a limitation of the hardware DAC? What about the Squeezebox V2 and above? From the Hardware Comparison wiki it seems that 48Khz should be supported in V2 and above. But not lower frequencies or single channel (mono)?

I've looked all over to try to verify these observations, with no luck.

BTW, the 32Khz wav came from a downloaded asf windows media stream that I was trying to play. Used mplayer to convert it to wav.


2006-09-21, 02:42
Sounds like Bug#128:


2006-09-21, 13:00
That bugs says:
"Need to have firmware update to support alternate sample rates."
Which I guess never happened.

Meanwhile we have V2 and later Squeezeboxen which do support different frequencies?

2006-09-22, 01:25
I've just noticed btw that although that bug specifically isn't marked as being resolved, the 6.5.0 changelog:


...says "Fixed WAV playback for various bitrates and sample sizes" for SB2/3. Still doesn't help for your SB1, but I thought I'd mention it.

2006-09-22, 12:50
Yeah, that bug was for the V1 firmware which is probably no longer being supported.

It's cool what they can do by uploading new software to the V2 and above Squeezebox. I have a V2 elsewhere and will test this out once Debian upgrades to 6.5

And as long as I know what's an acceptable wav and what's not, I can fix the problems with the V1 by adjusting the file format when necessary.

And one of these days I'll probably ditch the V1 squeeze.


2006-09-23, 12:46
Finally got to my V2 Squeezebox and, yes, it plays 32Khz, 48Khz and mono 44.1Khz wav's without any problem.

Only my V1 Squeezebox is restricted to 44.1Khz stereo wav's.

Oh well, now I know.