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2006-09-20, 07:45
I'm currently upgrading SN. Please excuse any downtime.

2006-09-20, 10:35
andyg <andyg.2efu9b1158763801 (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com> writes:

> I'm currently upgrading SN. Please excuse any downtime.

Looks like it was worth waiting for it. I especially love the new way
to reorder favorites and feeds by dragging & dropping them.

A minor bug: You can't delete news feeds. You'll be thrown onto the
podcasts page without anything being deleted.

Also, what I'd like to see is that if I have a group of podcasts or an
RSS feed pointing to several audio files, the audio pieces play one
after the other. As it is now, it repeats the first one forever
(repeat and random play are set to 'off').

My overall impression: looks really fine.

2006-09-20, 12:20
"I'm currently upgrading SN. Please excuse any downtime."


RCI is now working at Squeezebox Network but both RCI English and RCI French are both in French...please check that you have the RCI Enlish stream there. Also when I upgraded to 6.50 i was getting continuing buffering streaming not being able to connect to any radio stations from my favorites at Squeezebox Network. Has this been fixed in the upgrade ? Is there a offical Slimserver to download for the upgrade ? Thanks.

Hi Andy, I am now hearing RCI English not French, many thanks.

2006-09-20, 17:13
EDIT Seems to be fixed with 6.5 upgrade looks great so far - thanks to all.

I'm guessing this might not be the time to report problems with SN? But I have lost all remote control with SN.

My playlist works fine in SB but SN requires me to unplug and plug back in in order to get it working again but then it will only play with no way to change anything via the remote. The only way to turn it off even is by unplugging the SB.

If this is being worked please excuse this post and I'll wait for repairs.


rick's cafe
2006-09-21, 03:59
Andy - is there any chance that you can make the same kind of changes to the ordering of Pandora Stations as you have done with Favourites on SN - i.e. ability to drag and drop


2006-09-21, 04:54
Thanks for adding to the player display preferences. I find constant display scrolling annoying, especially when the network's slow and it stutters.

2006-09-21, 07:00
I noticed that SqueezeNetwork is very slow as of yesterday. Sometimes it would take 30seconds to 1 minute for the SB to respond to a command issued from SqueezeNetowrk. In the past the reaction was immediate.

I thought it may have been from the RSS ticker scrolling (I had weather scrolling when the SB was not playing). I set this back to "Now Playing" when the SB is stopped and it still seems slow.

Just an FYI. I use SqueezeNetwork alot so hopefully this is temporary.

2006-09-21, 07:31
thx for the SqueezeNetwork update
managing the favorites is much easyer now :-)