View Full Version : SB Wireless not so bad in comparison

2006-09-20, 06:37
There's been a lot of talk about problems with wireless operation of
Squeezeboxes. I never had any problems with my SB1 and 4 SB3's so far.

OTOH last month I bought a wireless IP camera (Sitecom, apparently a
rebadged D-Link). It had serious problems in maintaining a wireless link
in the room that I want to put the camera in. The SB3 in that same room
always worked perfectly. I returned the Sitecom and got a twice as
expensive Axis 207W which started crashing several times a day. Or so I
thought. The real problem turned out to be that it also lost it's
wireless link and was unable to restore the connection without a reboot.

The Axis now works reliably over the SB3 that's functioning as a
wireless bridge.