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2006-09-19, 11:20
I hope the Upgrade will be ready sometime today...Thanks.

2006-09-19, 13:06
Who knows. After the 6.3.* debacle (and the imminent release of Transporter) I think Slim are making sure it's dead ready before stating that 6.5 is stable.
However, my impression is that 6.5b3 is very stable indeed so I wouldn't hesitate in trying it out.

Ben Sandee
2006-09-19, 18:16
On 9/19/06, ModelCitizen <
ModelCitizen.2eeeen1158696601 (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com> wrote:
> Who knows. After the 6.3.* debacle

Oh puleeze....

2006-09-19, 18:58
Sorry if everyone knows this but me.

The beta page is stuck at 6.5.0b3 but the dailys are at http://www.slimdevices.com/downloads/SlimServer_v6.5.0/

For example - the daily has firmware 64.

I assume (???) that the final will be an update of the daily, not the 6.3.0b3.

OOPS - I just noticed that the name has changed. Looks like that is the release????


http://www.slimdevices.com/downloads/nightly/ is the place

2006-09-19, 19:22
Who knows. After the 6.3.* debacle

Install 5.1.x, and then let's talk about debacles.

2006-09-19, 19:24
daily builds are progressive snapshots. The beta is basically just a
more widely announced daily that is expected to be close to the final
days later, and many more daily builds, the final of 6.5.0 will
basically be the current state of the 6.5 branch of builds after it has
been tagged and run through whatever QA procedure is in place.

your patience is appreciated.


2006-09-19, 20:44
I upgraded to 65.b3 and 65.0 both are giving me continuing buffering that is the station tries to stream but can't.... This occurs when I try to play any radio stations saved on my Favorites list from Squeezebox Network. This has occurred before when I tried to upgrade..Any solutions here ?

2006-09-20, 00:47
Log a bug.