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Steve Pawsey-Bowerman
2003-12-06, 10:07
"The Abridged Guide!!"

Jamie, I've only done this recently so I'm open to be shot down!, my guide
is based on a *nix install.

1. Download lame (not to sure what the preferred version is but I went for
3.93), available from
http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=290 (this is source
code and hence needs compiling / making), if you're on Wintel box, then
there's probably a .exe to download / install

2. Once installed (see lame instructions for that). You should be able to
type in 'lame' from the command prompt, you should then be presented a list
of usage options - That's good, means it's installed.

3. The next step is to use modify the convert.conf file under the root
slimserver install directory (eg /usr/local/slimserver). Find the line:

mp3 mp3 http *

Below that line this is a dash (-). Replace the dash with the lame options
to perform the downgrading (transcoding). Hence:

mp3 mp3 http *
$lame$ --silent --mp3input -b 128 -q 9 $FILE$ -

This is my settings because my server is a bit weedy (CPU wise), hence
the -q 9 option is fastest (and not necessarily the best).

So what does the line mean?

$lame$ Name of the lame executable (installs un /usr/local/bin on *nix and
so will be in the path)
--silent Don't display the encoding information (normally displays output
about the file it's encoding)
--mp3input The type of input file (hence I'm transcoding mp3s -> mp3s)
-b 128 The destination bitrate. All my 'master' mp3's are 320Kbs, this
option downgrades them on the fly to 128Kbs (suitable for pushing up my adsl
-q 9 The quality of encoding - suggest you play with this since I've
found it largely dependant on hardware. If you've got kick-ass power then -q
0 will reap the best results). If you get lagging and interrupts when
streaming, increase this value towards 9.
$FILE$ The input file variable (slim server supplies this)
- The output file (- means route to stdout, hence feed back into the
slimserver output)

That's about it. I would recommend setting the bit rate really low (i.e.
32Kbks) initially so you can work out if the transcoding is taking place
(i.e. 32Kbp will sound terrible!!). If that's working fine, fettle with the
bitrate and -q option until your happy with the output.

Lastly, to access the stream you'll need to fire-up you favourite MP3 player
and use http://<slimserver>:9000/stream.mp3. Use the Slimserver web UI (in a
browser) to select the output device (will show up as a new IP address under
the 'Setting's section underneath 'Server Settings', something like "Player". Select you tunes and make sure the target shows as you new


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Here we go again. My brain has finally realised just how good it would
be to take my slimp3 music collection to anybodys house. I would like to
adjust the stream slightly ie from 192kbps to something a little less
taxing. Which version of lame to I need and what do I do with?

Cheers guys