View Full Version : 6.5 Beta 3 - Can I Upgrade?

2006-09-18, 13:15
I am currently running 6.3.1 on a Kurobox HG with no problems. Will 6.5 Beta 3 run fine on this box?

Also, is there an upgrade guide somewhere for linux that discusses database and perl requirements for 6.5?


2006-09-18, 13:30
Yes, you can run 6.5 on a Kuro HG. I am running 6.5b3 on a LinkStation HD-HG, which is essentially the same device. I installed debian on mine via FreeLink. If you have a different distro your details may be a little different, but the idea is the same.

You'll most likely need to build the perl modules on your Kuro box, and probably have to install MySQL 5.x. Dan Sully at SD helped me get it running -- see this thread for useful info:

Good luck.

2006-09-18, 16:26
I'm doing it on a Kuro HG with MySQL 4.1.4. I'm using the Perl source and I didn't bother "upgrading"--in fact I had been running MySQL with 6.3 and I just had it start from scratch with the Slimserver database. I figure most of my "data" is in my FLAC tags. I had to reconfigure my SB2 a little but no big deal.

2006-09-18, 19:55
Is mySQL required for 6.5? My understanding is that 6.3 uses SQLite and it comes with the TAR file. Just curious if a Slim Devices decided to use mySQL instead of SQLite and why.


2006-09-18, 20:19
Yes, 6.5 uses MySQL and not SQLite. MySQL 5.x isn't strictly required -- I think 4.1 will do. It's my understanding that 6.5 ships with MySQL, but for "unsupported" platforms (like PPC based NASs) you have to build your own. At a minimum I'm pretty sure you need to install some MySQL libraries, as per the post I referenced earlier.

I'll leave the "why" part to someone who knows better. It's supposed to improve performance, but I couldn't say specifically what. The scanning is split as a separate process from the streaming, so it's now possible for low-powered devices like HGs to play music without hiccups while scanning the music library.