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2006-09-18, 11:14

I loaded iTunes 7 and everything seemed fine.

Added some new tracks (wav's converted to mp3's in iTunes, I know I shouldn't do that for quality reasons but I did, and a CD rip) and then set SlimServer to rescan for new and changed music. Didn't find any of the new files.

Then set it to completely rescan and the whole library on SlimServer has now emptied itself. The scan stops almost immediately, i.e. it looks like it thinks there's nothing to find.

Did try to scan directly to the folder where the music is but this threw up some very weird problems, including not reading the tags right. All tags should be ID3 v2.4 as I made iTunes convert the tags. Not happy with this solution anyway as I use iTunes playlists.

Never had this trouble before, it's totally new to iTunes 7 and I can only think that there is a problem reading the XML file (which is enormous at 8.81MG).

I sent an email to Support but thought this might also be of interest to others. Looks like there are various issues going on.

Any chance that SlimServer could start accessing the .itl database file directly?!


2006-09-18, 14:16
I've created bug 4143 about this issue (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=4143)

If everyone using iTunes 7.0 is having this issue it shouldn't be hard to reproduce, but it's been a busy day here at Slim World Headquarters. :)

If someone wants to kick us off by attaching their iTunes xml file, that might be handy! It's located in [music_folder_name]\iTunes\iTunes Music Library.xml

2006-09-18, 14:28
Thanks Chris.

Just as an aside, the v2.4 tags don't seem to work in SS or Windows. I've gone back to v2.3 as Windows likes that. Just asking SS to rescan the library directly has now at least brought the library back up and it all seems correct.

My XML file doesn't zip down enough (586kb!) so I'm afraid I cannot help with that...

Thanks again

2006-09-18, 14:34
I meant attach it to the bug, not to the forum post. :)

Dan has the bug database set up to accept even very large attachments!

2006-09-18, 14:39
XML file now in the bug