View Full Version : Music won't play

2006-09-18, 03:23
My SqueezeBox 3 has stopped playing!

Odd problem this; everything was OK untill I started messing around with the settings last week (I should know better really) and was adding a few new RSS feeds and selecting it as a screensaver. It may be a coincidence but since then any music has refused to play; the display says it's playing but the track timer doesn't move. I strongly suspect audio is being streamed from SlimServer but it's not being translated into audio.

A similar thing occurs when connecting to SqueezeNetwork; there is data being downloaded (I can see the activity on my DSL modem) and the SB3 says it's playing a particular track but there's no sound.

SoftSqueeze works OK.

I am using SS v6.3.1 (official release) and SB v55 on a LinkStation flashed with OpenLink.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am baffled.