View Full Version : 6.5b3, 2 Various Artists albums with same name

2006-09-16, 04:34
I have two folders holding files with the album tag set as 80s Pop Singles (one in my MP3 folder and one in my Flac folder). The files are by various artists and all include the Compilation tag with value set to 1.

When I use the GUI I appear to have two albums called 80s Pop Singles. One contains all the files from one folder (MP3 files) and the other the files from my Flac folder.

Is there anything else I need to set to get them to appear as one album?

Thanks for any help

Patrick Dixon
2006-09-16, 07:40
I'm pretty sure this is intended behaviour (why would you want it any other way?).

It might appear as a single album if you put all the files in the same directory - but I'm not sure as it may still separate FLAC & MP3.

2006-09-16, 08:40
At least with earlier versions, if the flac and mp3 files are in the same folder and if the album, etc tags are identical, the files will all appear as one album. In fact, you can even have duplicate track numbers as long as the file names and tags such as artist or song are different.

In fact, I have made miscellaneous artist albums of mp3 and flac songs (or long albums of the same same artist) as long as 70 songs this way.

2006-09-16, 09:34
I'm pretty sure this is intended behaviour (why would you want it any other way?).

This is a shame. I like to keep the few MP3s I have separate from my Flacs and not mix the two formats. This is neat and has never caused me problems as previously all files have been held in an individual album directory and each album directory has contained wholly flac files or wholly MP3s. However in this case the various complication albums of 70s and 80 pop have so much dross on them that I thought it better to just keep the tracks I like and dump the others. As I cannot get all the tracks I want in Flac format I have to make do with MP3 for some of the rarer ones. I'd rather not put these in amongst my Flac files. I'd like them to appear as one album though (yeah I know I could make a playlist but I tend to use albums and genres more than playlists and using an album tag means I not have to muck around adding individual tracks to playlists as I add them to my music disk).
I hope that makes sense Patrick.

I suppose SlimServer organises it the way it does is to make sure that albums that have the same name do not get all their tracks dumped under one album heading. Bummer.

If anyone can suggest a hack that will still enable me to keep my Flacs and MP3s separte but still play them all as one album, I'd be grateful. The only hack I can think of is to create a bespoke genre - 80s Pop Singles, which is what I'll have to do unless I can think of anything else (I'd prefer the genre to stay as Pop though).