View Full Version : problem connecting to SlimServer, but not SqueezeNetwork

2006-09-15, 21:35
I recently upgraded my router to the relatively new Netgear Rangemax Next WNR834M (firmware 1.2.15). My squeezebox is able to connect to the SqueezeNetwork, but it can't access the SlimServer on my desktop machine. I turned off Windows Firewall. I have the same problem regardless of Ethernet (wired) or wireless. I can ping the squeezebox from my desktop computer with no issues. The SlimServer web site claims there is no squeezebox on the network. I'm running SlimServer version 6.3.1

I have a packet sniffer, but I have no idea what I should be looking for to determine the problem. I see packets being sent back and forth between my computer and the squeezebox.

[update] Further investigation with Ethereal (network packet sniffer) captures HELO and STAT packets from the squeezebox to port 3483 on the desktop computer. However, the only packets I see going back to the squeezebox from the desktop computer (slimServer) are TCP-related RST/SYN/FIN, and ACK packets. I'm not seeing any server > client commands. Yes, the SlimServer appears to be running.

Please advise, thanks.

2006-09-15, 22:33
I did not uninstall the old SlimServer when I upgraded to version 1.6.3 at the same time I installed my new router. So basically it was the server not responding for some reason. Uninstall and reinstall fixed the problem!