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2006-09-15, 11:04
Hi Folks,

I've done a stack of searching and testing but can't seem to get over the finish line.

I have an SB3 and all music is .flac
Lame.exe is copied into the bin/MSWin32-x86-multi-thread directory.
Slimserver sees Lame as installed and I have rate limited to 192.

When I select the 2nd pc attached to my router ( and try to press play the play doesn't work. WMP player pointing to .../stream.mp3 seems to buffer and play but there is no sound.
I know I could (should) use softsqueeze and not WMP, but, I'm trying to test this at home so I know it works when I try it from work.

I'm guessing that the bandwidth either side of my router isn't an issue as I'm not going to the web to stream. Portforwarding is also OK as I can see the slim:9000 from work.

Any idea what causes the slimserver not to start playing ?

Many thanks

2006-09-15, 11:14
Have you selected anything to play?

the IP address of the machine you are streaming to will show up as a player with it's own playlist. You should be able to sync it with your SqueezeBox if thats what you want too.


Mark Lanctot
2006-09-15, 11:17
Can you load SlimServer's web page from that machine?

If you can, the stream uses the same port so it should play.

Otherwise check your firewall settings.

Do you have anything set in Server Settings - Security?

2006-09-15, 14:10
Thanks for the quick responses.

Tracks were selected and I had the IP of the machine I wanted to stream to showing up as the player. I could see the :9000 page no problem.

I decided to name the player. For some reason, when WMP was closed I seemed to be able to get the :9000 page play button to work. Therefore I started a song playing before opening the URL in WMP. The song played and streamed through perfectly.

I wonder if either of these things is at all relevent? Does the slimserver have to be seen to be playing before you open the stream in WMP?

Surely naming the player (rather than just keeping the IP as name) can't make a difference ???

Anyway..for now all is fine and dandy. Oh..and the SB3 was also playing throughout with no issue.

thanks again