View Full Version : Itunes Question

Jeff Allison
2003-12-05, 16:30
> in iTunes - under advanced...

> You can hit consolidate library after updating the library
> location in the regular prefs. This will make sure everything
> is in the same place. Once iTunes is updated Slim should find
> it all ok. My guess is that you should restart the slim server
> to get a fresh rescan.

I too am having trouble with iTunes (on Windows). The only
songs/albums/artists that Slimserver sees are songs in MP3 format, which
is only a handful on my system. None of the AAC files show up when you
browse. You can browse your music folder and see them, and they do play
over a stream. But it'd be nice to see the whole iTunes library when
browsing. I tried the suggestion above, and I also followed the
directions in the FAQ about telling iTunes your library moved, then
moving it back, changing the options, etc. But slimserver insists on
not letting me browse the AAC collection. Is there anything I can do
about this?


- Jeff