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2003-12-05, 15:20
Same drop out issue on 3 different servers including the one with the
mp3s on the local box. Happens in both shuffled or unshuffled modes. I
have noticed that the song counter will act strange as this happens.
Counting down, then skipping back 5-10 seconds, then back down again.

I can allways clear the issue by selecting the next track or the current
track to start over again. Currently there is very little activity on
my LAN as this is going on...

In message <200312052147.hB5LlIuI083226 (AT) lists (DOT) slimdevices.com>, Healy writes:
>FWIW, I too am experiencing drop outs. Both Shuffled and Unshuffled.
>I'm not seeing any unusual spikes in CPU or Memory on my server when
>it happens.
>I'm gonna test the server on a couple of different boxes since my mp3s
>are shared to my home network and see if I get the same results. I did
>not have any dropouts with the 4.x server & the slimp3 unit.
>In message <660293D7-26A2-11D8-94A1-000393DB3CFA (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com>, dean blackketter writes:
>>Ok, so try it both ways for both short and long lists and let me know
>>if there's a difference. Also, check the memory and CPU usage on your
>>computer to see if it's overloaded in some way.
>>On Dec 4, 2003, at 1:34 PM, Charlie wrote:
>>> Yes, the unshuffled list was probably 25 songs, while the shuffled one
>>> is 5-600 (everything in one genre).
>>> Charlie
>>> On Dec 4, 2003, at 3:27 PM, dean blackketter wrote:
>>>> Hi Charlie,
>>>> The thing is that I can't see any way that the list being shuffled
>>>> has any difference during playback. Was the unshuffled list shorter?
>>>> Was there any other difference or did you do anything besides press
>>>> the SHUFFLE button when using the SLIMP3?
>>>> -dean
>>>> On Dec 4, 2003, at 12:03 PM, Charlie wrote:
>>>>> Maybe not statistically significant, but after having the dropping
>>>>> problem regularly over the last several days (shuffle mode on) I
>>>>> turned off shuffle mode last night and had a drop-free 2 hours.
>>>>> Charlie
>>>>> On Dec 2, 2003, at 1:54 PM, dean blackketter wrote:
>>>>>> I have a hard time understanding how using shuffle mode would
>>>>>> affect playback performance.
>>>>>> Can you try turning on and off shuffle and see if the problem is
>>>>>> really reproduceable?
>>>>>> -dean
>>>>>> On Dec 2, 2003, at 11:23 AM, Charlie wrote:
>>>>>>> Yes, I've been noticing this as well, but only recently as I
>>>>>>> started to use random mode, so that must be it.
>>>>>>> Charlie
>>>>>>> On Dec 1, 2003, at 1:02 AM, Holger Eiboeck wrote:
>>>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>>>> Am 30.11.2003 um 20:22 schrieb Aidan Cooper:
>>>>>>>>> I've got my SLIMP3 set up connected to a Netgear ME101 wireless
>>>>>>>>> bridge,
>>>>>>>>> which in turns commicates with a Netgear DG824M router.
>>>>>>>>> Occasionally
>>>>>>>>> the stream will drop, go quiet for a couple of seconds, and then
>>>>>>>>> restart about 1 second back from where it stopped (does that make
>>>>>>>>> sense!). Basically I'm suffering from intermittent drops in the
>>>>>>>>> music.
>>>>>>>>> Server is on a Windows XP SP1 box.
>>>>>>>> I have the same but running SlimServer 5.0.1 on Linux and it
>>>>>>>> doesn't matter if the SliMP3 is connected through wireless or
>>>>>>>> directly.
>>>>>>>> But one thing matters: the drop outs only happen when running in
>>>>>>>> *random* play mode. It also seems not to happen with all MP3s but
>>>>>>>> most of them...
>>>>>>>> Some time ago I tried to investigate this with dean but he
>>>>>>>> couldn't reproduce the same results...
>>>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>>>> /holgi.
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