View Full Version : Synology CS-406 disc problem - be warned !

2006-09-14, 03:05
Hi all,

The last copule of days I have had some serious problemens with my CS-406. I have had access to all data, however my errorlogs are large and the superblocks (+ more) är destroyed for some reason.

The solution (!) was to update the firmware to latest, then remove the 1.4TB RAID-5 volume, and then rebuild everything.

Now that is not perticulare funny...

1.4TB of data would have made me cry if I had lost everything. Now it was only about 400 GB of music that I have a backup of (I think at leaste).

I would also like to point out that the UPS solution that is possible does NOT work. It simply shuts down every night becuase some file is missing.....

I am not happy, however I hope that no one else get's this sort of trouble...