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2003-12-05, 14:07
I have the same question....

Also, does your Server Start if you set the default to Handheld?

I asked this earlier, but no one replied.

If I set the interface to HandHeld, on my PC the SlimServer will hang on the
'starting' window; until I change the interface back to Default.

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Looks good! how do you load a skin for a browser without changing it
for all browsers... if this is possible. I think this was asked
previously, but can't recall the set-up.

On Dec 5, 2003, at 3:38 PM, Kevin Deane-Freeman wrote:

> Quoting Jeffrey Gordon <jeff (AT) thetank (DOT) org>:
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>> Sorry if this question has been answered before, as I am sure it has.
>> But in
>> my feeble attempts at searching the sites for an answer came up nil.
>> I am wondering if SlimServer has a PDA friendly web interface, or if
>> someone
>> has written one for it. I specifically am using a Palm Tungsten C
>> with
>> wifi.
> Yup, the Handheld skin now comes with the server install.
> -kdf