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2006-09-11, 23:12

I'm having trouble connecting add-free to live365 stations after paying for their VIP pass. I scanned the forums and found this discussed a while back and discovered a post saying this bug had been fixed for 6.3 (and indeed a check of the bug list shows this bug listed as closed). I'm running 6.3.1 - 8468 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252.

Does anyone have any experience connecting to live365 stations with VIP?

Note, I have a number of stations in my favorites and that is how I am connecting. I prefer not to have to go to the live365|my presets menu. Thanks,

2006-09-12, 14:10
Hi wnshall

I've been using a live365 vip account since I got my squeezebox last May. This has been used with 6.2, 6.3 and currently 6.5b1 9562. Don't forget that you have to enter your username and password into server settings/internet radio in slimserver. Then you have to log-in on the squeezebox under internet radio/live 365 internet radio scroll down to 'Log in' and press right arrow.

Hope this helps

2006-09-12, 17:40
I've been having some of the same issues with live365. I don't think it occurs on all their stations though. Some have been annoying and I've been a VIP member over a year. I've got the passwords/username where they should be so I don't think that is the reason. I haven't seriously tried to troubleshoot it... it has driven me to explore more Shoutcast stations.

It seems like live35 always has some quirky thing going on. In spite of that I've still enjoyed listening to Vegas Vic Tiki Lounge, Bikers Bar Radio and many other unique finds.