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2006-09-11, 03:03
Ok, this is probably overkill for some of us but I thought I'd mention it anyhow as it may prove a useful option for anyone looking to add a high-speed external RAID storage option to an existing PC. Bought a unit http://www.highpoint-tech.com/USA/x4.htm today and coupled it with a HighPoint Rocket Raid 2322 controller.

My primary reasons for selection:
- SOHO NAS units are too slow to move/work with large volumes of data/ large files, needed a high speed alternative that can break the 2GB barrier;
- Linux drivers/ compatibility
- Act as reference source for lossless audio and replicate to ReadyNAS NV
- relegate ReadyNAS NV to "blackbox" music feed to SB3s and not give a damn if/ when they fall over

I'll be moving audio across to it as I consolidate storage from multiple drives/partitions to one logical store. If anyone's interested in my experiences using the unit I'd be happy to relay as I go.

2006-09-11, 09:23
I guess you mean "The 2TB Barrier"...

2006-09-11, 12:42
I guess you mean "The 2TB Barrier"...

Oops, you're right. I must've been tired, thx for picking it up.

I also forgot the other key reason I opted for an X4 - it is powered independently of the PC, meaning it only needs to be up when I want to access the data it holds, less drive fatigue, noise, heat issues etc.