View Full Version : Beginning of each song cut off -- gapless playback doesn't work anymore!

2006-09-10, 16:20
Hi everybody,

I have a weird problem since I upgraded to SlimServer 6.3.1 (on a PowerBook G4-500Mhz, Mac Os X 10.4.6):

It seems that at the beginning of each song a very small piece is cut off (maybe 1/10 sec. or so...). On many songs this isn't even noticable (of course), but it affects gapless playback.

Most of my songs are in Apple Lossless format, it doesn't matter wether I transcode to FLAC or stream AIFF to my Squeezebox. It also happens to MP3s. Gapless playback used to work fine with my setup, now it doesn't.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help...


2006-09-11, 02:54
I seem to remember a Flac related bug which chopped a small chunk from the start of the song.
Searching the bug database might come up with something. I'd be surprised if this wasn't fixed a long time ago.

2006-09-13, 15:56
This has been covered in a number of other threads... search for "ALAC" and "delay" or "gap." For example, see this thread.

FYI this is bug #2095 on bugzilla, which is considered "fixed" for the 6.5 release (they switched to the 'alac' executable instead of 'mov123'). I haven't tried 6.5 yet (waiting for official release), but if this doesn't solve your problem, please post back.