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Matt Shaw
2003-12-05, 11:17
Ditto... Everything was working OK under 4.x... And then 5.0. But when I
went to 5.01 and pointed it to my network drive that contains my music,
it keeps coming back with "Folder invalid".

Got fed up of that so I uninstall and went back to 5.0... And still have
the problem. So now having to run the server application on my main
machine where the music is local to it before it will play them.

Last time I had this (going from 4.x to 5.0) I had to unshared my music,
create a new folder and then share that - a bit over kill but it worked.

Maybe I'm missing something here.

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I am having playlist problems. everything seems to work ine. music is
scanned and folder is valid, but when I click + to add to playlist, the
refreshes and the playlist remains empty. In desparation I have chmod
the entire slimserver folder and the entire music directory. This is
on Linux. Is there an apache permissions thing Im missing? Help!