View Full Version : 6.3.1 problem

2006-09-09, 06:40
as suggested i upgraded to 6.3.1 last night

also upgraded sb

now the sb reset itself, lost all the configuartion and now will not connect to the wireless network

any suggestions //////

2006-09-11, 09:35
You might want to completely reset your SB to factory default. You didn't specify which model it is... But here are instructions for SB2/SB3:

To completely reset the SB2 or SB3 to factory default, you would want to:
- unplug the power, then while holding the 1 button on the remote, plug it back in.
- once it reboots, unplug the power, then whole holding the ADD(+) button down, plug it back in.
- go in to view current settings off of the main setup menu and ensure that the MAC address is the same as the label printed on the bottom of the unit. if it is not, press the right arrow to change it back to the factory assigned one.
- also note that many settings for the player are saved by the server as well. so you may want to go in to player settings for that player and click the 'forget this player' link.

If you still have further problems, please contact us using the contact information in my signature.