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2006-09-09, 06:17
Hi everybody,

I know that problems with duplicate database entries for the same song have been discussed before, but still I couldn't find a fix for my problem doing a search on the forum.

I am using SlimServer 6.3.1 on a Mac (PowerBook G4-500MHz) runnung Mac OS X 10.4.6. My library contains about 22 000 songs, around 17 000 in Apple Lossles (ALAC) format and 5000 MP3s. I also use iTunes, that's why I use SlimServer's iTunes synchronization. The synchronization interval is set to 0 seconds (disabled), because the computer is unusable as a music player while it scans the library.

Everytime I add a bunch of new songs to my library, I do a complete rescan, because "look for new and changed music" doesn't work very well for me. A complete scan takes about 8 hours (and I cannot listen to any music during this time!), so I mostly do this overnight. The unability to add/delete just a few songs to/from the database is very annoying, but I got used to that...

Now there's a new problem:
- About 5000 of my songs are listed twice. It is approximately (but not exactly!) the number of MP3s that I have. (I have 5037 MP3s in iTunes, 21 898 total songs in iTunes and 27 509 songs in SlimServer ==> assuming that I only have duplicates (no triplicates) 5611 songs must be affected...)
- all MP3s that I looked at are affected so far, but no ALAC songs
- I don't seem to have duplicate albums or artists, just duplicate songs.
- I haven't touched any of this MP3 songs for over a year or so. All my new music is in ALAC format exclusively. There never was a problem with theses same songs before!

Any hints how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance, Andreas

2006-09-13, 16:00
Andreas, do all of the duplicate songs have an apostrophe or quote mark in the song title, album title, or artist name? I have been seeing duplication caused by apostrophes...

Given that you have 5000 songs repeated, it's unlikely to be the same as my problem, but I thought I'd suggest it.

2006-09-14, 00:22
Given how close 6.5 is to release, you might want to consider trying it out now to see if it fixes this problem... I wouldn't have thought that 6.3 is going to get a lot more attention, whereas if this is a bug that appears in 6.5 then NOW is the time to raise it!


2006-09-14, 07:46
I don't think this is solely an MP3 issue because I've had the same problem with a 500-album library that is entirely WMA-lossless. I recently upgraded from 6.21 to 6.3x and the dupes reappeared shortly after I rescanned my entire library. (I'm using XP Pro sp2.) A while ago, I thought it might be related to having two sets of my library on the same (network) drive, even though they were in two separate partitions on the drive, but I now only have one copy on the entire drive, and still run into the bug. (I still have two partitions on the drive. Could this be causing it, or is this just a coincidence?) AndreasG, are your MP3s co-mingled with your ALACs, or somehow distinct within your overall library?

Thinking about another, unrelated thread that points out that Slim runs as a service rather than as a user (as least in Windows-I don't know about Mac), could this somehow be related to fiddling with the partition names on the drive? After I upgraded to 6.3x but before (I think) I had duplicate songs in my library, I reorganized the files on my drive and this included swapping the partition names and then pointing SlimServer to the new partition name to rescan the entire library--probably coincidence but I thought I would mention it in case it helps.)