View Full Version : Squeezebox Problem

2003-12-05, 08:00
Ugh. Well at least I am not alone. I spent yesterday ripping
my network apart thinking it was something there. I've been
working with Dean offlist about this. I notice that we have
the same thing reporting in the logs:

"Negative position calculated, we are still playing out the
previous song."

I too have tried wireless, land line. Windows Server, Linux
Server. It's currently plugged directly to the switch that the
server is on and I still get the same problem. Re-flashing the
Firmware did nothing either.


In message <20031205084038.300.qmail (AT) web13606 (DOT) mail.yahoo.com>, Steve Payonzeck writes:
>Hey there Dean -
>Just got my squeezebox and I'm bummed - setup was
>simple, found the server with no problems, and I've
>run a Slimp3 player flawlessly for a long while now so
>I am a little confused.
>I simply cannot get the Squeezebox to play anything. I
>can choose a song and it shows up as 'Now playing' on
>the Squeezebox both via remote and thru the server
>interface, but it never makes a move to actually play
>the track. The remaining time just stays put. I have
>connected the Squeezebox wirelessly and via 'landline'
>to no avail - the old skool Slimp3 is still AOK, plays
>tracks just like it always has so I'm HOPING PRAYING
>this is a I don't have a (ahem) lemon Squeezebox. If
>so, I guess I need to make some lemonade.
>Running 5.0.1 server. Squeezebox is straight out of
>the box from you guys... HELP!