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2006-09-07, 17:10
I should get my SB3 tommorrow, but now I am concerned. I have installed the SS and the SoftSqueeze. I have all of my music on an external Firewire drive and on itunes. My tracks are in either mp3 or apple lossless. I can use the softsqueeze to play the mp3s just fine, but when I try to play a track done with apple lossless, the track doesnt play, softsqueeze hangs, I get a failed delayed write notice from windows and my external drive dissapears from the system. This problem is repeatable. Any ideas ? Will this happen with the SB ?

2006-09-07, 20:45
So I told SS to look for my music in a folder that I use to backup itunes on an internal drive. It plays the apple lossless songs there just fine. Are there known issues with external drives and apple lossless tracks ? I sure would like to be able to use the external drive for my archiving.

2006-09-07, 22:21
I did one more experiment. I installed all of the EAC/AccurateRip/FLAC software and ripped a cd to .flac. These tracks played fine on the internal drive and also played fine on the external drive that had produced problems before. I then copied some apple lossless tracks into the same folder, rescanned and attempted to play one of the apple lossless tracks and the same thing happened, Softsqueeze hung , SS was stuck with the "loading" wheel spinning and then I lost the drive.

2006-09-07, 23:58
I have no experience with Apple lossless but some info would help people make suggestions.

1. What OS are you using ?
2. What version of Slimsever and SoftSqueeze ?
3. Post a debug log with d_source from just before you select a file to play - this usually gives info as to what slimserver is trying to do - you can attach the log as a zipped file if it is too big.

2006-09-08, 05:42
Thanks bpa-

1) Windows XP Pro--latest updates
2) SS_v6.3.1, SoftSqueeze 2.8
3)Can you elaborate on how I do this ? I am unfamiliar with d_source


Mark Lanctot
2006-09-08, 06:16
3)Can you elaborate on how I do this ? I am unfamiliar with d_source

Go to Settings - Server Settings - Debugging. Check the d_source box and press the Change button.

You can then see the log through the well-hidden "here" link - last word in the paragraph at the start.

Note this gets reset if you restart the server, so you'll have to do it again when you restart the server.

2006-09-08, 08:12
I'll try it when I get home tonight. Thanks !