View Full Version : Not displaying umlauts

2006-09-07, 10:55
Can anyone help, I read in other threads that this was a bug to be fixed (displaying rubbish instead of characters like etc.). I am running 6.2.2, has it been fixed in 6.3? Is there any other fix for it.

2006-09-07, 10:59
It's certainly working for me (6.3.1, WinXP) but many other factors such as which operating system you're using could affect the ability to show special characters.

2006-09-07, 11:11
Also working in 6.5b / 7.0a.

2006-09-07, 23:37
It works for me in 6.3, but an annoying thing that has been around for as long as I can remember is that when you maximize the text (in SBG, don't know about the other boxen) the umlauts disappear! turns into O and into A (i hope these characters can be viewed by you in this forum). Now that's a bug, or ...?