View Full Version : slight UI sluggishness

2003-12-05, 06:58
> Is the SlimServer doing anything else while this is happening? We have
> reworked the way we handle network traffic and there might be some
> tuning to do there.

I experienced the same sluggishness when going from 4.2.8 to 5.0. Even the
scrolling of titles on the display was irregular, and I also experienced
some dropouts... There was no change in hardware, just the server software
upgrade, in a simple wired home network with a hub.

I could see there was a lot of collisions on the hub, and during a dropout
the collision led was lit up permanently. It is a 5 years old 10Mb no-name
cheapo hub, and as soon as I replaced it with a good modern D-Link hub
everything went back to normal: snappy interface, no dropouts, no