View Full Version : New Squeezebox, couple of stumbles but happy!

Chris Kakris
2003-12-05, 04:30
On Friday, Dec 5, 2003, at 12:30 Australia/Melbourne, Ron Thigpen wrote:

> I've seen this same issue against a D-Link DI-714P+ AP/router. Just
> couldn't get the SqueezeBox (SB) to connect with any kind of WEP
> enabled. Worked very well once WEP was disabled. Something
> particular to that TI chipset perhaps? Has anyone had any luck using
> WEP between an SB and a D-Link AirPlus AP? Or any D-Link AP? Some
> data points might point the way.

I tried to replace my old Apple Airport and hub with a D-Link
access point that included 4 Ethernet ports. I found that the
D-Link would lock up and become unresponsive when I used WEP.
With WEP turned off it worked fine. We returned it to be
repaired but the techs couldn't find anything wrong with it.
It still wouldn't work for me so I ended up going back to the Airport.

Somebody else I know bought a D-Link access point and had problems
with WEP. They replaced the unit with a new one and it worked fine.
So maybe you have faulty hardware, or maybe there are issues with
some D-Link implementations of WEP?

This may be totally irrelevant but I thought I'd mention it in
case it may help somebody: I got a D-Link DSL-604+ that provides
wireless access through out my house. I had previously used the
phrase 'Kakris Heavy Industries' as my SSID and never had any
problems with other D-Link devices or laptops. Then I bought a
Tungsten C (has built in WiFi) and found that it would only work
with an SSID without spaces in it.