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Harry Bo
2006-09-06, 08:47
Hi all,

I'll try to keep this simple, but it's really vexing me ;)

My main music library lives on a dedicated hard drive at /mnt/200gigb/MP3 Albums. Inside this folder, I have two symlinks:
FLAC -> /mnt/remote-flac
A-Z -> /mnt/200gigb/MP3 Songs (this contains A - Z directories of individual tracks)

This arrangement has been working fine for months, with SlimServer setup to index things appropriately. I don't know if the way this sort of thing is handled has changed in 6.3.0, but I'm using 6.2.2 and have been using it since it came out.

Now, for various reasons that I won't go into yet, I want to use /mnt/music as the effective root of my collection, so I symlinked that to the "MP3 Albums" folder, changed the setting in the preferences file and did a full rescan. It works... ish.

The problem is that the SQLite database does NOT just contain paths to /mnt/music. Looking through it, you can also find /mnt/200gigb/MP3 Albums in many places (well over half, at a guess). For my usage, this is really not a good thing! How can I make SlimServer stop ignoring my symlinks and JUST use /mnt/music everywhere - database, playlists etc?

I was under the impression that the very idea of symlinks was to transparently point to files and it seems counter-productive that SlimServer is trying to be overly clever and find the "real" paths. I wouldn't use symlinks if I wanted it to use real paths, lol...

Thanks in advance,


2006-09-06, 10:07
Got any playlists floating around with the old paths?

Harry Bo
2006-09-06, 10:08
Now that you mention it, yes, I have.

I'll delete them, rescan, and get back to you.



Harry Bo
2006-09-06, 10:27
All done!

Well, don't I feel stupid now! I hadn't realised Slimserver paid attention to pre-existing playlists but now I've got rid of them, I can't find anything but the correct paths in the database.

Thanks very much, it probably would've taken me a while to even consider that :)