View Full Version : Iomega 1tb Nas /slimserver Install?

2006-09-03, 17:55
Hi Guys,
I know from the forum that the SlimServer/SqueezeBox3 does not support UPNP which is a shame, however, I didnt realise this and in anticipation of buying the Slimserver thinking that all would be ok - I bought the Iomega Storcenter 1tb NAS and now that the Squeeze box has arrived am a bit annoyed that I'm not sure how to get the NAS working standalone with the Squeezebox.

With my laptop on everything works fine, but I need to make the NAS earn its keep, by being able to install slimserver on it so that I leave the NAS in an always on state.

Leaving a laptop on allthe time just isn't practical.

How do I find out about what I need to do to get the software or a version of it installed on the NAS? I'm sure that some one knows what direction to point me in?

or is there a generic slimserver (3rd party) install that I could use?

I'm sure other people have had similar problems, so all help is appreciated...

Thank you very much for your help..

2006-09-04, 02:19
Assuming the Iomega runs a version of Linux, you would need to find a replacement firmware that will allow you to install third part applications onto the device. Pretty sure it will be possible, hacking most NAS devices is.

I have no idea how you would go about it, but there should be plenty of documentation on how aother devices were hacked, and you should be able to find out the hardware specs of the Iomega box pretty easily. chances are fairly high that it is a reference system and shares the same hardware with other similar systems, this should make things easier.

good luck :)