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2006-09-03, 11:50
I've got an old base spec Win2k PC running slimserver v 6.0.2 with 2 x 180GB hard drives for the music. This machine isn't used for anything else. Primary HD is full so all new music goes on to the 2nd HD which is referenced through a link in the primary HD music folder. Files are FLAC and they are both tagged and filed by genre / artist / album.

When I add new music I tend not to do a re-scan as the PC is so old it takes an age. Instead I have found that browsing music folder shows up the new album and once I have played it once I can then find it using "browse artists / genres" etc.

I've just added a new genre folder to the 2nd HD and although it is definately there I can't get slimserver to see it at all. I've checked permissions and they are exactly the same as the other genre folders which I can see. I've tried rescanning but to no avail. I've copied the artist folder across to another genre folder that slimserver was seeing and suddenly I can see it through "browse music folder". I've now played it and (because it is properly tagged) it is now showing up when I "browse genre" even though it is not physically in the correct genre folder.

My questions are:
Any ideas why slimserver is not seeing a newly added genre folder?
As all of the files are tagged should I bother with physically filing them in a genre folder or simply dump every music file into one large folder? Or something in between?

Any responses greatfully received

Pale Blue Ego
2006-09-03, 12:18
Since the new folder is on a different drive than the main library, wouldn't you need to make a shortcut so the folder shows up on the 1st drive?

2006-09-03, 12:21
PBE - sorry if not clear. 2nd HD already had music on it working fine through a shortcut in the main library.

Shortcut takes slimserver to a folder with all the genre folders in it. However slimserver wasn't seeing the new genre folder.