View Full Version : Sort by track number

2006-09-03, 04:52
Probably I'm plain stupid, but with recent versions of SlimServer I can't sort a playlist by track number.

When I select an album the playlist is generated in alphabetical order. All files have correct ID3 tags including track info.

In an earlier thread on the same topic a setting was mentioned: Server Settings -> Behaviour -> Sort By File Name.
I can't find this in my SlimServer 6.3.1!

Any idea what is wrong?


2006-09-03, 09:24
Are you finding the album through the Browse Music Folder option? If so slimserver will just read the file names, and if the track names don't begin with the number ("01 - Song name.mp3") then you'll ge tthem in alphabetical order.

Normally, however, playing tracks by Tracknumber order is what you always get, if the tags are present...


2006-09-03, 10:09
Indeed it did!!! - that was exactly what I was doing wrong!

Thanks a lot Ceejay!