View Full Version : How do I search for an Artist that comes under the Various Artists Hat?

Deaf Cat
2006-09-02, 10:55

Hope you may be able to help me.

It seemed to work on the previous version but now I'm on 6.3.1, I can't seem to search for an artist that is on a compilation album....??

I'm only finding artists that have their own albums.

Whats going on?


Cry Havok
2006-09-02, 12:37
I've already raised a bug (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=4016) about a related problem. I suspect that you're seeing the same problem.

You may want to add anything useful you can to the bug report to assist them in tracking down the problem.

Deaf Cat
2006-09-03, 04:01
Cheers for the reply,

Do I understand it right that you had it working ok on 6.3.1 and on the 6.5 it does not ?

I'm on 6.3.1 and have the problem...

Not too sure if I should add to your bug as I'm having trouble with 6.3.1

But I have mostly FLAC files a few wma lossless

I have the settings enabled to show various artists for 'various artists' albums

You can choose to have compilation albums appear together under "Various Artists" or have them appear under each artist in the compilation.

Group compilation albums together

Albums that contain songs that are tagged with a band may be listed under that band name or with the other artists for that album. The band tag is also known as TPE2 and may appear as the "album artist" in some software.

List albums by band

When compilation albums are grouped together, they appear under "Various Artists" by default. You can change that name below.

So I don't have great long lists of artists trailing round my SB's screen.

Whats Next ?

2006-09-03, 06:16
I am also on 6.3.1, but don't have the 'bug'.

I have a few compilation albums which contain tracks by lesser know artistes. Searching from the menu will pick them out.

Although I have the second setting as:
List albums by all artist for that album.
(not sure what difference that would make)

Lazysearch also finds the same artist.

Deaf Cat
2006-09-03, 08:50
Hi Bonze - do you have the artists shown with the album when you are browsing albums ?
(I do)

I found that if I have the artists listed against the albums, including all the artists on compilations, then I can search for what ever artist I like, but not wanting a whole long list of artists listed next to the comp albums, I have 'various artists' appear instead - which seems to eliminate all artists on comp albums from searching or artist list.....

Have I set it up in an unusual way?

It worked ok on the SS before - arr but the 'various artists' next to albums did not always work so great long lists af artists appeared, hence the move to 6.3.1, the 'various artist' bit works now but some how hides all the comp artists...??

2006-09-03, 10:41
OK - I'm not entirely sure what you mean, so I'll give an example.
I've recently been ripping my Christmas collection (never too early to prepare for the season!)

Tags used.....
Album: A Very Special Christmas 3
Track: 02
Title: Christmas Time
Artist: Smashing Pumpkins
Genre: Christmas
etc. etc.

I don't have any other music by the Smashing Pumpkins.

Search Music > Artists > SMASH = returns Smashing Pumpkins > A Very Special Christmas 3

Browse Music > Browse Artists = they are not listed, as they are on a compilation.
Browse Music > Browse Albums = A Very Special Christmas 3 (by) Various Artists > 2. Christmastime (from) A Very Special Christmas 3 (by) Smashing Pumpkins
bits in backets filled by Slimserver

hope this helps

Deaf Cat
2006-09-03, 11:48
I don't have any other music by the Smashing Pumpkins.

Some of these artists a!
Mine were on just after Boxing Day last year, a little late I fear for last year, but well prep for this year !

Sorry, should have explained a bit better, [I knew what I ment :) ]

I'm sure on the previous versions of SS All artists were listed when browsing artists.......wern't they...??

Should'nt they be listed under browse artists as they are all artists, and only display as various next to an album when browseing albums to save lots of scrolling...

Two weeks ago or so I ran a search on Kylie, to have no result, now after a number of rescans (editing tags, adding a few more cd's & mirroring) the search for Kylie, just now, returned two results :D werhay search seems to work :D

But I'm still only showing 166 artists with 269 albums, this does however change to over 2k when each artist is listed next to the album.

I'll find a few more on compos and give them a search-
EDIT - yeap the search works now......which is FAB!

Sorry probably still as clear as mud.
Thanks for your help!

Seems strange not being able to browse all artists....