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2006-09-02, 07:22
Hi all, first time poster, though I've read a lot on these forums since purchasing my Squeezebox v2 in October 2005. I've a problem that is preventing my Squeezebox from connecting via wireless. I've been running SlimServer 6.3.0 for awhile now with firmware revision 55. About five days ago I noticed my Squeezebox wasn't connected to the network. No changes either in the network or the SlimServer occurred. I have not had any power surges that I know of, but regardless I have the Squeezebox powered through a Monster Power HTS 5100.

I began troubleshooting the wireless connection by going through the wireless network settings.

* SSID was set to another wireless network, and my SSID was not on the list
* I began to enter my SSID manually, but the Squeezebox screen went blank and I had to power cycle the unit.
* Magically, my SSID appeared on the network list again.
* I moved on to the WPA Personal key, which appeared as all stars.
* I re-entered my key, but twice while doing so I received a "malloc failed" notice on screen, followed by a blank screen, then the initial power up "Welcome to Squeezebox" setup screen.
* I finally managed to key my key re-entered, but the Squeezebox never would connect with my wireless network. The screen would just go blank after the "Connecting" message displayed for about 5 seconds.
* I connnected via Ethernet successfully.
* I refreshed the firmware, still on revision 55.
* Now the Squeezebox resets every time after choosing the SSID. The screen immediately goes blank after I push the right arrow for the next setup step, then the "Welcome to Squeezebox" initial power up screen displays.
* After power cycling the Squeezebox, it tries to connect to the wireless network, but then the screen goes blank within 5 seconds.
* I uninstalled SlimServer 6.3.0 and installed 6.3.1.
* I reconnected via Ethernet to see if there was a new firmware along with SlimServer 6.3.1.
* I didn't see any notices via the web interface, so I again forced the firmware refresh via remote control and it still looks like I'm on revision 55.
* The Squeezebox is still exhibiting the same behavior with resets every time I try to connect via wireless or modify my wireless settings past the SSID screen.

Not sure what to do here guys. Any ideas?

2006-09-02, 07:32
When entering your SSID and WPA password use the number keys (e.g. press 2 three times for C) and not the up/down arrow keys. There was a firmware bug that could crash the squeezebox when using the arrow keys for text entry in the setup menus. This is now fixed in more recent firmware.

If that does not work you could also try a factory reset (press and hold add while powering on the squeezebox).

I hope that helps,

2006-09-02, 12:59
Hello, and thanks for the pointers. I ended up doing a factory reset and re-entered my settings with the number keys. Now I can get the Squeezebox to connect when it's sitting in the same room as my router, but it won't negotiate a connection when placed even 8 feet away just outside the room where the router is located. I have G enabled laptops that can connect from 50+ feet away. I've tried switching to all the available wireless channels to no avail. The signal strength/quality of the other wireless clients is as strong as it has always been.

After about 10 tries, I did manage to get the Squeezebox to connect from just outside the router room. Player signal strength as monitored from SlimServer is always above 90%. I really doubt the wireless network itself is the cause of these issues as my other clients are behaving normally. Should I try to upgrade to a newer firmware revision? I don't see that I have a lot of other options.


2006-09-04, 01:26
Please contact support@slimdevices.com, they will be able to help you work out what is wrong.