View Full Version : Mangled Softsqueeze GUI

Phill Edwards
2006-09-02, 00:35
I have just installed softsqueeze_linux_with_jre_2_8.rpm on my Fedora
Core 3 linux box. When I run /opt/softsqueeze/softsqueeze I can play
music from my Slimserver but the gui is a bit mangled. If you look at
the screenshot here -
http://www.oaklands.aust.com/mythtv/softsqueeze.gif - you will see
what I mean. The LCD panel isn't positioned in the main window like it
should be. And when I try to click any of the control buttons with the
mouse they don't work. In order to get them to work (eg the config
button) I have to click on the screen position where the lower box
_would_ be if it were correctly surrounding the LCD display (hope that
makes sense).

Does anyone know how I can fix this up?