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Steve Pawsey-Bowerman
2003-12-04, 15:02
James (and Peter Bowyer).

I've managed to do this successfully by running apache and using mod_proxy.
I'm always cautious when it comes to exposing my internal stuff to the net
and I know apache like the back of my hand. So what better combination!!

My Apache server is accessible externally and I've set-up a spare virtual
server which just proxies all requests to the slimp server (which is hidden
from the net but accessible by my apache server).

Example, external streaming accessible URL
Internal streaming URL http://slim3server:9000/stream.mp3

I've got a named virtual server setup and hence apache config contains:

ProxyPass / http://slimp3server:9000/
ProxyPassReverse / http://slimp3server:9000/

And finally you need to ensure you have 2 entries (or more if you want to
separate further) in the convert.conf:

mp3 mp3 http <apache webserver IP address>
$lame$ --silent --mp3input -b 128 -q 9 $FILE$ -

mp3 mp3 http *

Hence requests coming via apache (ie the external
http://streaming.stevesdomain.com/stream.mp3) will be 'downgraded' to 128kbs
which is more than enough to push up my ADSL connection (256K upstream). All
other http requests accessing the slimp3 server directly (ie
http://slimp3server:9000/stream.mp3) will be left untouched and NOT



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Could someone summarize the configuration changes to Slimserver and
LAME required to deliver a lower-bandwidth stream to WAN-based remote
clients while maintaining highest quality on the LAN? Thanks. I'm
running SS 5.1 on OSX 10.3.1.

Peter Bowyer
2003-12-04, 15:30
Steve Pawsey-Bowerman wrote:

> I've managed to do this successfully by running apache and using
> mod_proxy.

Sweet... thanks.. nice idea. Can all be on the same box, I guess, apache
proxying to port 9000 on localhost..... and in the convert.conf.