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2006-09-01, 13:22

SlimServer 6.5 is due to be officially released shortly. I have tried fairly recent builds of 6.5 while still in Beta. Unfortunately, I had to go back to SlimServer 6.3.1, as many of the plugins seemed to give problems... I am aware that some plugins have a separate 6.5 version (i.e. slimscrobbler and last.fm radio), however, that did not do the trick for me.

When 6.5 is going to be released, is there going to be a described upgrade path? Would it be best to completely remove 6.3.1 before moving to 6.5? Which plugins can we keep without any problems, and which should we uninstall/upgrade?

I am very much looking forward to the official release of 6.5, as when I run it clean (no 3rd party plugins) it was fast and reliable (browsing albums was much quicker compared to 6.3.1). However, I am reluctant to move from 6.3.1 if it means my favourite plugins are no longer working.... :)



2006-09-02, 00:26
Not really enough information here Matt.
LastFM & SlimScrobbler work fine on 6.5...
which plugins were you having problems with?


2006-09-02, 01:08
Hi James,

thanks for your reply...

I had problems with Slimscrobbler (I replaced the 6.3.1 with the 6.5 version of the plugin).

I also use Album Review, Biography, Weather Date/Time, Dynamic Playlists, Track stat, and Grab Playlist.

The SlimScrobbler would be a showstopper for me if it did not work (since it works for other people, I assume there was something wrong at my end, so I will give it another try).

I love browsing through the album reviews, and I do more than occassionally read the biography. I find the Dynamic Playlists superb, and the Weather/date/time is my screensaver when the player is off (Thanks to all the plugin developers!)

When I just "upgrade" SlimServer to 6.5 the service starts and then stops within a minute. After a restart, or even a cold reboot, this keeps happening. When I install 6.5 clean (after uninstalling 6.3.1, and manually removing the remaining files), the service keeps running, until I add some plugins.

I am feeling "lucky" tonight, so I will make another attempt :)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank SlimDevices and all plugin developers for adding a lot of value to already a great product!



2006-09-02, 02:37
I have just installed 6.5B, and SlimScrobbler is running fine (did have to browse the web a bit for the latest version :))

I cannot believe how fast the Squeezebox reacts to the remote commands, even when the server is scanning!

Fantastic, hats off for all developers involved!

Cry Havok
2006-09-02, 12:34
There's a thread detailing how to get WeatherTime working.

See http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=21989

2006-09-02, 23:25
Thanks for that... I downloaded the new plugin.pm posted in the thread, but no luck... I will stick with the standard date time screensaver until an official release from Wheather date time is made available.

In the mean time, I do have some issues with playback halting after a couple of songs (intermittend). It just shows "stopped", hitting play, and the squeezebox plays again for a couple of songs, and then stops again. Very annoying... :)

For the rest: great work getting the new version ready for release!



2006-09-04, 04:53
> I also use Album Review, Biography,

Updates for these should be available. (If they don't work yet, they
should by the day 6.5 is final.)



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