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2006-08-31, 21:35
My SlimServer "Music folder" contains only CUE files. Each CUE file references a FLAC image contained in another directory, along with the the track list and other metadata for the album. In the cue sheets, I'm specifying the FILE with a relative path (../albums/artist - album/cdimage.flac).

SlimServer scans these CUE files and adds them correctly to the database. Albums play as expected. Perfect.
BUT, it doesn't stop there: it adds a second album entry for the FLAC file itself, without tracks (parsing in-file tags, if present). Why? The FLAC file is neither contained in nor linked to in my SlimServer Music folder. It's like it's mining the CUE sheets for FILE references, and adding those files twice - once with the cue sheet, once without. This is incorrect behavior.

I'm running SS 6.3.1 on FreeBSD against MySQL. I don't think the OS or DB have any bearing on the problem however - seems to be a problem with Slimserver's scanning algorithm.

This has been brought up in bug reports:
...but there's no resolution. The workaround proposed here is not reasonable.

Any suggestions or consolations?


2006-09-01, 03:56
Hi there.

I created that bug report. Unfortunatly CUE sheet support has always been a issue for slimserver, 6.3.1 is not different. For this reason i use 6.5b (which is looking pretty good for CUE sheets).

There are a couple of things that can help with 6.3.1;

1. keep the CUE and image in the same folder.
2. emebed the CUE into the IMAGE file as a tag. Can help buts does not work for every format.
3. remove the 'album' tag from the image file or set it to something like "Image files". you will have an album entry in slimserver called "image files" where all the images files are which is neater (just removing the album tag will give you an entry called "no album"

These work arounds may help but i would suggest trying a few beta for size.


2006-09-02, 13:08
Thanks for the tips.

Another problem seems to be that you cannot seek within a FLAC file that is referenced by a cue sheet. If I select the raw FLAC file from "No Album" and play it, I can seek normally at 2x - 128x. But when playing the same album from the CUE file, seeking won't work. Is this another bug?

This issue is raised in this bug report:
but again, no resolution or useful workaround

2006-09-02, 13:26
The only workaround seems to be to have the cue file refer to the tracks in individual FLAC files.